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A tribute to Aldo Manuzio (1449 – 1515), the distinguished humanist, born in Bassiano. Over a decade in the Lepini mountain village of Bassiano was launched a collection of aldine works to document at least part of the heritage left from this dynasty of publishers who were prominent in the Italian Renaissance.

More recently was born, in relation to the Sapienza University of Rome, a project of a Museum of Scripture to exploit a room in which are preserved and restored important end of 18th century prison graffiti.

An anthropological museum that extends the notion of writing beyond the conventions and traditions and Western Graphics problem with original artifacts, art installations, stage ethnographic and interactive devices where we write in our and in other cultures.

A centre of research, conservation and enhancement, of ordinary writings, which also tells in a didactic form a historical journey, a wide anthropological horizon (scriptures fully articulated date back far beyond the third millennium BC, and still today many companies use the non alphabetical writing forms). The testimonials on display also document the writing relationship of the lepine people working practices in school experiences, and autobiographical lyrics.

A center for socializing and learning, which adopts the modern museum’s vocation to act as an active agent of citizenship and local development, to play the role of democratic area of contact between generations and cultures.

A museum laboratory, undertaken to answer questions posed by a growing number of people on the way in which the press, computer, advertising and graphics have influenced our thoughts and our lives, reading, writing, textual and digital, operates as mediation in social relationships and may constitute a privileged input to imagination and guide you to perform informed and reflective.


Museum of the scriptures “Aldo Manuzzio”

Open from Tuesday to Saturday:

from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 15.00 to 18.00

Sunday from 15.30 to 18.30

Info 0773 35 52 26


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